Regina Food Services

The group of companies Regina Food Services is redefining the field of foodservice and is leading towards the future, expanding and innovating along the way.

This pioneering company within the food industry was founded in 1987 by the then young owner Stavros Evangelos who had just returned from Italy, where he received a bachelor degree in hotel hospitality management/where he studied within the hotel hospitality management field.

Over the 24 years within the field as well as the valuable experience gained the simple food processing industry expanded into a new modern group of companies, where besides producing quality frozen food products, fresh food products are also manufactured. Our products are available to consumers in diverse ways and distribution points.

  • The first major network covers a wide range of services in catering. We organize receptions (christenings, weddings), meals, parties and special events throughout Cyprus, tailored to fit your requirements with great flexibility in the menu, excellent quality and service.
  • The second large network engages with restaurants and hotels whereby the group provides standard frozen food for their use.
  • The third network deals with the supermarkets in Cyprus, where the group supplies all the range of products it produces.